Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paint Maintenance

Dead soldiers aka dried up paints

I haven't painted anything for a year, and GW's old style paint lids were prone to drying out.  I double checked all of my paints and found eight paints dried up, eights inks dried up, and three paints I had mixed dried up.  I had a gift card for the GW store so I went down to replace the dried up paints.  The success rate was low.  GW long ago quit selling inks, and half of the dried paints are no longer being sold.  They did have "Liquid Green Stuff" and I picked up a couple of the washes that replaced the inks, but it bugs me when products I like disappear.

At this point you are probably think this is just a pointless post where I will grumble about GW policies surrounding how they offer/discontinue products. I suppose I could, but instead I searched the internet and l found lots of helpful inks to help replace the missing paints.  I have my shopping list:

Citadel Vallejo Game Vallejo Model Rackham Reaper Master Hex Code
Vile Green Foul Green (025) Park Green Flat (969) Antique Green (13)N/A 82C59C
Storm Blue Stormy Blue (018) Blue (925) Migol Blue (5) Ritterlich Blue (9115) 27357E
Ghostly Grey Ghost Grey (046) Flat Aluminum (993)N/A Ghost White (9063) C3C6CD

It is a hard thing, but I suppose a visit to the game store to buy replacements is in order. 

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