Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Minatures Scale Picture by Christopher B of the blog "A Rust Monster Ate My Sword"

I use a miniature scale picture in lots of my blog entries.  I think it is very handy to see how different figures match up against it.  As usual, Friar Tuck (an Airfix Robin Hood set figure) and Conan (a Caesar Miniatures Adventures set figure) make their appearance for scale, as well as the Scale Picture (a scale picture).

(Click on the image for a larger version)

You may one one of your own, if so, do not despair.  All you need to do is to click on the Miniature Scale Picture link and you can have one of you own.

          Miniature Scale Picture

The picture looks way to big when viewed in your browser window, but due to the magic of a 300 dots per inch setting hidden deep in its JPG soul, it prints out perfectly.  I printed mine using Windows Paint.  If you would like to visit the blog of the fellow who created this neat little gadget, click the link below. 

          A Rust Monster Ate My Sword

Thanks Christopher B. for creating such a useful little picture.  I have a laminated copy I keep in my wallet for those time when I wonder, "Will this work with scale X figures."

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  1. Thanks for the nod. I'm happy to see people finding this card to be useful. :D

  2. Your welcome. I just wish every miniature retailer and manufacturer would put figures in front of it so folks could know easily how those figures scale up against some known standard.


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