Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why One72nd Fantasy?

I enjoy gaming with 1/72d scale figures. 1/72d figures cover most historic eras and periods. They work well in skirmish or massed battles. The figures are cheap, durable, and readily available. If all of your gaming happens in a shared scale then all of your terrain is interchangeable, in so much as possible, between periods. The only problem was they had very few fantasy figures until recently.

Dark Hold Miniatures started a new trend coming out with a small 1/72d fantasy figure line. Their orcs looked great and got me excited about 1/72d fantasy. Then the unexpected happened and the owner of Dark Hold passed away, and I thought 1/72d fantasy would go with him. It turns out that Dark Hold was the spark that ignited a blaze of new fantasy figures in this scale. Caesar, Dark Alliance (aka Red Box), and Minikinght released twelve sets between them. Dark Hold was purchased by Rebel Minis and that line is still available ass well.

If you add in all of the 1/72d game pieces and stuff from other scales that can be repurposed, you wind up with enough figures to have a pretty rich fantasy setting.  In this blog I will attempt document my growing collection and hopefully spark some interest in other so that the lines will keep growing,

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  1. WONDERFUL blog, friend, I'm in!
    just have to understand where is the "follow" button to add you in the blogs I follow!
    You really make me want do more in 1/72!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. Search the page for Followers, select the button that "Join this Site".


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